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Stone Esquire
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TrendMicro IMSS v7.0 Threshold for Delivery queue contains more than

Hi All,


We are using IMSS 7.0. I would like to get inputs on how to fine "Delivery queue contains more than". It's set to 2000 message and will sent notification.


We are currently receiving 630 -650 msg/per min.. The stats remain almost over 72 and long hours.


I would like to know if we can configure the default value to some reasonable threshold based on some facts and findings.




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Trend Micro Employee
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Re: TrendMicro IMSS v7.0 Threshold for Delivery queue contains more than

Thank you for your message.


I've reviewed your question below with engineering. The Threshold for Delivery Queue can be changed by accessing the IMSS Admin Console. Then click on Administration, then Notification. You can set the "Delivery Queue Contains More Than" value to up a maximum of 99,999 messages.


However, based on the information you provided, our engineers believe that the the IMSS product should be able to easily handle your message rate and 2000 would be more than adequate. However, you may want to investigate if you are having some downstream MTA issues that are causing this back up.


Hope this is useful information.



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